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Space Availability - Bissell Library

Group Study Rooms may be used by current graduate/undergraduate ACT students, ACT/Anatolia faculty and staff, Anatolia High School/IB students, and ACT/Anatolia alumni. 

Online Reservation Instructions

  1. Find the available Group Study Rooms and time slots*
  2. Click on your desired slot.
  3. At the drop down menu that appears either keep the 2 hour default maximum booking or reduce to the time required. 
  4. Click the "Submit times" button.
  5. At the 2nd page:
    a. check your booking details and click the link to make any changes,
    b. Click the "Continue" button to agree with our Group Study Room policy and to procceed with your booking.
  6. At the 3rd page, fill out the form and finalize your booking.

* Each slot is half hour long. Only two consecutive hours (4 slots) are allowed for the same group.
** Extention of booking is allowed only if there is no request by another group.
*** Scroll across the bar to find available Group Study Rooms on a future date.
**** Click at the Info button next to the GSR name to check each room's equipment and location.

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